Magnetised is an internet design and technology company focussed on delivering beautiful solutions to difficult problems.

Magnetised Ltd was founded in 2008 by Garry Hill.

It specialises in delivering beautiful solutions to difficult problems using a wide range of technology.

We are happy delivering brand-new projects or taking on the long term maintenance of legacy code and are able to deliver all aspects of a modern application: from intuitive user interfaces to professionally configured linux servers.

Based in Blick Studios, 46 Hill Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Registered in England and Wales No. 07572488.

Please get in touch if you need our expertise.

Work in progress

Strobe Audio

Currently in development is an open-source multi-room audio system powered by Elixir, Raspberry Pis and IQaudIO.

Visit for more information.

Can Upload

A fault-tolerant, distributed, scalable, resumable-upload system.

Spontaneous CMS

A next generation CMS written in Ruby.