is an internet design and technology company focussed on delivering beautiful solutions to difficult problems.

We pride ourselves on our willingness to listen, depth of understanding, breadth of experience, speed of response and quality of production.

For more information please read the about page. Below is a quick summary of the work we've done over the past year or two.


In Progress

We are currently finishing off a couple of exciting new websites.

Spontaneous CMS
Coming soon...

Spontaneous is being re-born. The new version will be (even) faster, (even) more powerful, (even) more flexible and (even) more pleasurable to use for web-editors and developers alike. What's more it will be open-source. Watch this space...

Power to the Pixel
Coming soon...

Magnetised is currently working on a refresh to the Power to the Pixel website to enable them to better represent their organisation both now and in the future.



Carbon Visuals

This clean and clear design for Carbon Visuals is already reaping them rewards by acting as the perfect show case for their visually stunning and informative info-graphics.


Working with the supremely talented Large Blue this site gives revolutionary new access to literally thousands of e-books. Presenting both a design and technical challenge magnetised was able to deliver to very tight deadlines and still provide the Institut Français with an intuitive and flexible CMS environment.

Carl Prechezer

The portfolio of talented director Carl Prechezer. This site not only provides Carl with a way of presenting his best work and entertaining blog posts, but also enables him to create custom, password-protected, showreels for prospective clients.


The digital hub of this highly successful, openly curated, event focussed around the future of technology in the classroom.

The Pixel Report

Power to the Pixel’s new blog detailing the latest and greatest in trans-media storytelling.


Eano are a new company using proven talent to change the face of online and old-media advertising. Magnetised worked closely with the founders to ensure their vision was successfully presented and explained.

The Carbon Quilt

In partnership with GovEd and CarbonSense magnetised was given the opportunity to transform their ground-breaking ideas for carbon visualisation into a working prototype. The result is both useful and compelling, turning abstract ideas of "carbon footprints" into intuitively understandable forms and volumes.

This is just an early prototype of what we hope will become one of the de-facto mechanisms for carbon visualisation online.


The Carbon Quilt

This updated version of an old, but very successful, site takes full advantage of this brave new broadband-enabled world to deliver stunning images of this gorgeous luxury villa to a public desperately in need of some luxury.


Baraka Point

Just-b were desperately in need of someone able to produce a CMS powered website in readiness for the Smart City Futures event on 23rd of July, 2009. Working to tight deadlines and an expanding brief magnetised, using spontaneous, was able to develop and launch a fully-editable, focussed and engaging public website in record time.

Smart City Futures
Edward Fields

In collaboration with spin, we wove carpet makers Edward Fields a beautiful new site. This time the ever-flexible spontaneous is acting as a bridge to the flash animation, highlighting the advantages of the site-independent nature of its intuitive editing interface.

Edward Fields

Since TFL have steadfastly refused to open up their valuable Journey Planner with an API, magnetised took on the challenge of providing a more sophisticated, more powerful interface to that service by reverse engineering the TFL system.

Very definitely a project born of a personal need, TIFFL is both a fantastically useful resource and a great opportunity for magnetised to experiment with some user-interface ideas and tricks.

Customised TIFFL search page
Made by Meta

Another spin collaboration, Made by Meta is the showcase site for the line of exquisite design pieces commissioned by Mallett Antiques.

Behind the beautiful design of the site and the sumptuous images of the products and their manufacture, lies the power of spontaneous. Using spontaneous's innovative aliasing mechanism Mallett are able to cross link within the site so that each page can appear many times within different contexts, giving the site as a whole a deep informational structure and a unique navigational feel.


For the Shanghai EArts festival 2008, magnetised developed the web application for soda's bTWEENScapes project. User entered texts are converted into a stream of associated images using the Flickr API. These images are both shown online and, during the course of the festival, were used by soda's custom graphical application to project generated mosaics onto the festival's panoramic screen.

GovEd Communications

GovEd Communications needed a content management system that was powerful enough to give them total control over the layout of their site, flexible enough to grow with their expanding business and intuitive enough that they wouldn't spend their time learning the system rather than communicating to their customers.

With that brief, spontaneous and magnetised were a natural choice.

Forma — Arts & Media Producers

In collaboration with spin magnetised again made sophisticated web production look easy. For Forma productions spontaneous is not only providing an interface to edit their webpages but also managing their subscriber database, providing regulated and registered access to their collection of professional resources and delivering their periodic email newsletters to thousands of subscribers.



Some older work that we're still proud of. These sites were all produced with early versions of spontaneous from designs by designjunction.

Design Museum

An iconic site for an iconic institution. spontaneous was designed to deal with the kind of demands placed on a CMS by exciting design and here it excels.

Design Museum Shop

spontaneous is designed to provide the best user experience possible. You can almost hear the pages snap in as you browse the Design Museum Shop's site. This satisfyingly quick page load plus powerful searching and categorising capabilities transforms the online shopping experience into something almost playful. spontaneous is so good at being an online shop, it doesn't even feel like shopping any more.


Again, beautiful design needs a beautiful system to deliver it. The spontaneous user interface is so clean, so simple and so flexible that Doshi Levien are able to concentrate on the beauty of their own imagery rather than on the demands of the CMS.

magnetised collaborated with Soda to produce this massively successful viral campaign aimed at combating internet censorship through the embedding of censored information across the whole internet.